Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandmothers are GREAT!

So in all our years in business, I believe that yesterday was new territory! What an honor to have two grandmothers attend a High School Senior session. ---And yes! this led me to joke about having THREE SENIORS here, all at once. There were some unexpected comments (let's just say things you would NOT EXPECT a grandma to say!) Our session was packed with fun and energy... Alex! I just gotta tell ya: You are blessed to have two energetic grandmothers that love you to pieces. Actually, I bet Alex already knows this! They certainly assisted in helping her get her "game on!" These gals are awesome, and certainly neither grandmother is ready for a rocking chair - Pat and Kathleen are on top of their game! Thanks for coming along - it was a pleasure and privilege working with this trio of "Seniors!"

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