Monday, October 12, 2009

Beautiful Baby and Company

Nothing is more fun than a happy baby, a beautiful afternoon in the park, and a trio of three delightful ladies. When an appointment is set long in advance, you just never know what the outcome will be! Thanks to a charming little Livia and her entertaining entourage this day was made to order. We were truly blessed!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Success in Seattle!

What a wonderful weekend...let's see... does it get any better??? Work was EXHILARATING....hotel was RELAXING.... food and drink TASTY... running in the sun GLORIOUS ...getting outa town to work and relax alongside my BFF Steve (a.k.a. my husband)~Absolutely PRICELESS!!!
We accomplished a weeks worth of living in just 3 quick days! Our trip only had one unpleasantry ...I-90 was a nasty mess with 2 hour delays. But what the heck! - the Cougs won in Pullman, the Huskies also upset their rival, and Verizon Broadband kept me entertained ... must admit, cruisin' the Internet, while crossing the State, definitely shortens the trip! better add THE BEST of all was our enjoyable engagement session with Marc & Erin cruisin' all over Seattle...Alki Beach, the Space Needle, and The Market---we were on the move, THANKS made this a great afternoon, and let us not forget to give an honorable mention to Mother Nature ...poured buckets all morning, cleared as we started our photography and did not rain a drop until 10 minutes after we finished! The buzz in Seattle inspires creativity! Don't get me wrong, we love living in Spokane, but it is always good to get away! But always good to be home too! Ahhh!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandmothers are GREAT!

So in all our years in business, I believe that yesterday was new territory! What an honor to have two grandmothers attend a High School Senior session. ---And yes! this led me to joke about having THREE SENIORS here, all at once. There were some unexpected comments (let's just say things you would NOT EXPECT a grandma to say!) Our session was packed with fun and energy... Alex! I just gotta tell ya: You are blessed to have two energetic grandmothers that love you to pieces. Actually, I bet Alex already knows this! They certainly assisted in helping her get her "game on!" These gals are awesome, and certainly neither grandmother is ready for a rocking chair - Pat and Kathleen are on top of their game! Thanks for coming along - it was a pleasure and privilege working with this trio of "Seniors!"

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cruisin' Down Memory Lane

I just couldn't resist a little backtrack through Memory Lane.
The rewards of this profession are too many to list, but documenting our clients lives is one of the best parts. Capturing the laughter and the tears, as little ones progress through the challenges of adolescence and into adulthood. Starting this photographic career, at the fresh age of 21, NEVER would I have imagined the privileges and rewards granted, working as a historian!

I have known this young lady for the majority of her life. Nearly two decades have passed since she started Elementary School. At the same time a similar journey began for our firstborn, Erin. Parents giggled watching the antics of the two Erin P's (Yes! identically spelled first names along with matching initials on each surname.) A "blink ago" they were toothless tiny humans. Fast forward to Senior Portraits in 2003, and jumping to 2008 - WSU Grads. Next, with great anticipation to Spring 2010, I will be photographing Erin on her wedding day. Where does time go? Thankfully saved in photographs! Our daughter Erin is now an Elementary teacher and this beautiful Erin is a Registered Nurse. Both are embarking on new journeys... Life moves forward... and thankfully, life is good!

Congrats to both Erin P's (oh! and name changes to accommodate ...our daughter is now Erin W and the other is the-soon-to-be Erin L) Thanks for including us as witnesses to the evolution.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wow Wow Wow!

Pretty is an understatement! It would be nearly impossible to take a bad photo of this classic beauty. There are a lot of brand new images on our website under the link
New Cool Pix
We are excited for you to see some of the new views, props, and backgrounds that have recently been created. Go to visit our website to see more of our new images.
Check it out at

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Thanks to Maggie & Cooper for a very fun session!
Something new - fresh images will be added to our website often.
We simply could not resist this image ~
a darling young lady & one cute puppy!
Who would have ever thought (many years ago) that our profession would include maintaining a website and a blog? But it's all good! Learning new things keeps the work interesting! I write that after a successful upload of the new image to upload and post ...perseverance pays off! (& working late!)
We are thoroughly enjoying our clients and thankful that you are keeping us busy! Pretty cool to truly enjoy our occupation and the great people we have the opportunity to work with
...and fluffy little Cooper too!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Spring is quickly changing over to summer...the flowers are blooming - hundreds of them! They are gifts from Mother Nature, and just a reminder that they are short lived.

Along with natures flowers, we have created several new views and backgrounds... we just need that nice weather back and for it to stay a while! That's about enough of these unpredictable thunderstorms. We have a few more Early Incentive Sessions available... Please call soon (509) 466-0818 the flowers are here today and gone tomorrow! Correction: gone very soon! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

OH NO! (Time) OH YES ! (Happy!!!)

The weather has improved (finally) and the out-of-doors is calling...and the clients too! The time behind the camera is blissfully taking up most of the day....which is way more fun than in front of the computer. June Early Session Specials are in effect....still a few appointments available before they go away! More news later...probably not until we have a raind day...Oh my! We have the coolest job in the world...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


And finally a drum roll please! This has been a long time in the making, but for those of you that have been patiently waiting for an update on this...
our newest prop, a bridge, has been successfully placed across our creek. We are constantly on the lookout to add new props, ideas, and backgrounds. It was winter when we first started on this particular project, while we were still buried in snow! Seeing it complete inspires all kinds of possibilities, we are excited about this new addition. Without our horses, we have so much more room...not to mention so much more work! Last night as we enjoyed the glowing last rays of sunlight, I smiled, knowing that all the effort will be worthwhile and allow us yet another new cool place to play!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This past weekend was a bit of a "tease" to the wonderful Spokane weather that lies ahead. We worked like slaves to get our outside grounds "work ready." Since we are currently expanding the photographic areas (no more horses!) we are finding ourselves with "yard work" on an even larger scale. The fresh new views/backgrounds will be fuel to our creativity! We are energized by all of the new possibilities! If you have scheduled an appointment, get excited! We are anticipating a great season...honestly can't wait for the long summer days.
C'mon Mother Nature, be nice and let us go out and play!
P L E A S E !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have been putting off an awful lot of "computer duties." Creating a BLOG has been on the list for some time, but delayed with good reasoning....this will include many hours of labor, due to those pesky "learning curves." In the past few years, I have become keenly aware of the hours spent working on a computer...didn't see that coming three decades ago when I joined this profession! Sometimes I think the "chair time" (funny how easily the word chair could be exchanged for the word chain) in front of the computer rivals the hours I most enjoy, the time spent on the move with a camera in hand! So it is here I will FINALLY begin, crossing my fingers that I will not have regrets!