Monday, November 22, 2010

New Logo Under Construction!

Ahhh! (sigh) A New Logo Finished!

Mike, my wonderful web designer and all round great tech guy, is likely still laughing at me. (
I would prefer to believe he is laughing WITH ME.) He must have an infinite amount of patience, honestly I could drive myself crazy and take anyone nearby with me! How many times did I ask for a change and then revert? (Actually please DON"T answer that!)
I gotta say: Thank You Mike! - couldn't move forward without YOU!

Mike and I have known one another for a couple of decades. He was our printer at a local lab. Times have changed with digital photography and the lab no longer exists, but our friendship has continued. He will verify that as recently as a decade ago I would routinely comment: I am NEVER going to be a digital photographer, it just isn't ME!
(OK- strike that! and NEVER say NEVER- because I was so wrong!) I also have told him:
I really don't want to learn Photoshop, I will leave that to people who enjoy sitting.

(OK- strike that too!) Although staying seated is always an issue for me, I honestly have a blast with these creative

Months ago, I told my husband that I was going to find a graphic artist to design our new logo because neither of us had the time to work on it. For varying reasons that just didn't work out, that plan was nixed. I had a vision in my head, and I just couldn't seem to describe my ideas in words! I was right about one thing though, this requires a crazy amount of time!

With a few productive hours seated beside Mike (a.k.a Techie Web Guy) we created the base elements to Price Photography's new branding. After working many solitary hours
(meaning long into the night) tweaking the tiniest of details, I am satisfied. Although it is still a work in progress and may never truly be "FINAL", I am uploading the results of this ridiculously laborious project. Admittedly, one of my personality defects is knowing WHEN to quit! Today I must stop agonizing over finicky changes and proceed with the add/upload to the items requiring immediate attention (website, signage, online proof gallery, blog, signature, biz cards,and probably a few things I have not yet thought of).
For now I will set this project aside and get
back to biz. We would love your feedback!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life and It Is Priceless!

Mother Nature
Condensed Summer!
A season has passed since our last entry. As noted previously: I am terrible at what is not a necessity - guess the adage "out of sight-out of mind" definitely applies. Hey! I am a PHOTOGRAPHER - a visual artist-definitely not a cerebral writer! Enough with the excuses - on with the UPDATE!

As the weather and work relate to one another - this was definitely the most chaotic Summer that I can recall in my 30 + years in this biz. From the very start it seemed that IF I was booked with a full day of sessions that it would rain or blow OR BOTH! Other than the scheduling condensing into very few weeks with long days-it was a wonderful Summer with a lot of repeat clients, younger siblings of previous Seniors - how can it be that those babies are now Seniors in High School? Chronicling growing families- truly an honor to be a part of the ebb and flow of so many lives. The end of our Summer is signaled by the Yearbook Deadline season; now nearing completion - it is time to enjoy the last of the beautiful Autumn season that invigorates my soul!
Last Spring, my husband continued forward with one more of the items on his "bucket list." We became the owners of a 42' Carver. At present she is moored at the North end of Coeur d'Alene Lake. She has been named... which relates to all that we believe!

Our future plans are to move it to the coast and spend time getting to know Puget Sound. The move is probably still a year away, when the day arrives, I will close my eyes when she gets loaded onto the semi-truck needed to transport...not to mention the deduction from the checkbook! Certainly it will NOT a small adventure moving something that weighs nearly 14 TONS!

I have also included a couple of photos of MY recent additions (or is that addictions?) Both are much smaller and easier to move about than the Carver. For those that do not know - I owned a street bike PRIOR to parenthood. Riding simply didn't fit into the "Mom of 3" thing. Since they are now all grown up, it seems appropriate to do the things that I left behind a couple of decades ago and yes it is a big girl bike! Since riding the V-Star doesn't qualify as cardiovascular exercise (this is not to indicate that it doesn't get my heart pumping to ride this beautiful machine!) I acquired another toy...this one DOES require an engine... ME!

That dang injured foot just doesn't want to let me run as much as my heart would like, so this road bike is a good solution to the "off days." Those treadless super skinny tires do get my heart pumping....and riding in cleat pedals definitely scares the hell outa me...but learning new things keeps us from being old dogs!
Repeat after me:
I am a pup! (Sure you mutter!)

Our Ski Patrol completed our Medical Refresher a couple of weekends ago reminding me that Winter isn't far away. In the meanwhile - I am going to enjoy the glorious October days ahead! These photos are from one of those days - I honestly cherish all seasons at the Mt. Spokane Vista House. Although not quite ready to bring on the snow, just a couple more hurdles - getting through the last work deadlines and Ski Swap.

Yes! - That is a REMINDER!!!
Mark your calendars for the
last weekend of October.)

Soon we will begin our Dance of the Snowflakes and Mother Nature will fully encrust this beautiful landmark in the sparkling and purely glorious white of Winter!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A While Ago......

Embarking on new project: digitally archiving some of our old film files. We are feeling a bit nostalgic, and really do not want this work to be forgotten. First image selections are made, the negative is scanned and saved as a digital file. We have a local lab that is excellent at producing a quality digital image. We are delighted to recommend them, just give us a call for the details.

We have had a lot of fun looking through old files. We have so many great images, we thought that we would post a couple of them to our blog. This is our oldest daughter, and her boyfriend (now her husband and our son-in-law!)
We didn't even have a website when these images were created. Amazing how fast things have changed in the last decade! Time rolls on -technology moves us forward, styles change, but some images remain TIMELESS!