Monday, November 22, 2010

New Logo Under Construction!

Ahhh! (sigh) A New Logo Finished!

Mike, my wonderful web designer and all round great tech guy, is likely still laughing at me. (
I would prefer to believe he is laughing WITH ME.) He must have an infinite amount of patience, honestly I could drive myself crazy and take anyone nearby with me! How many times did I ask for a change and then revert? (Actually please DON"T answer that!)
I gotta say: Thank You Mike! - couldn't move forward without YOU!

Mike and I have known one another for a couple of decades. He was our printer at a local lab. Times have changed with digital photography and the lab no longer exists, but our friendship has continued. He will verify that as recently as a decade ago I would routinely comment: I am NEVER going to be a digital photographer, it just isn't ME!
(OK- strike that! and NEVER say NEVER- because I was so wrong!) I also have told him:
I really don't want to learn Photoshop, I will leave that to people who enjoy sitting.

(OK- strike that too!) Although staying seated is always an issue for me, I honestly have a blast with these creative

Months ago, I told my husband that I was going to find a graphic artist to design our new logo because neither of us had the time to work on it. For varying reasons that just didn't work out, that plan was nixed. I had a vision in my head, and I just couldn't seem to describe my ideas in words! I was right about one thing though, this requires a crazy amount of time!

With a few productive hours seated beside Mike (a.k.a Techie Web Guy) we created the base elements to Price Photography's new branding. After working many solitary hours
(meaning long into the night) tweaking the tiniest of details, I am satisfied. Although it is still a work in progress and may never truly be "FINAL", I am uploading the results of this ridiculously laborious project. Admittedly, one of my personality defects is knowing WHEN to quit! Today I must stop agonizing over finicky changes and proceed with the add/upload to the items requiring immediate attention (website, signage, online proof gallery, blog, signature, biz cards,and probably a few things I have not yet thought of).
For now I will set this project aside and get
back to biz. We would love your feedback!