Monday, June 15, 2009


Spring is quickly changing over to summer...the flowers are blooming - hundreds of them! They are gifts from Mother Nature, and just a reminder that they are short lived.

Along with natures flowers, we have created several new views and backgrounds... we just need that nice weather back and for it to stay a while! That's about enough of these unpredictable thunderstorms. We have a few more Early Incentive Sessions available... Please call soon (509) 466-0818 the flowers are here today and gone tomorrow! Correction: gone very soon! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

OH NO! (Time) OH YES ! (Happy!!!)

The weather has improved (finally) and the out-of-doors is calling...and the clients too! The time behind the camera is blissfully taking up most of the day....which is way more fun than in front of the computer. June Early Session Specials are in effect....still a few appointments available before they go away! More news later...probably not until we have a raind day...Oh my! We have the coolest job in the world...