Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cruisin' Down Memory Lane

I just couldn't resist a little backtrack through Memory Lane.
The rewards of this profession are too many to list, but documenting our clients lives is one of the best parts. Capturing the laughter and the tears, as little ones progress through the challenges of adolescence and into adulthood. Starting this photographic career, at the fresh age of 21, NEVER would I have imagined the privileges and rewards granted, working as a historian!

I have known this young lady for the majority of her life. Nearly two decades have passed since she started Elementary School. At the same time a similar journey began for our firstborn, Erin. Parents giggled watching the antics of the two Erin P's (Yes! identically spelled first names along with matching initials on each surname.) A "blink ago" they were toothless tiny humans. Fast forward to Senior Portraits in 2003, and jumping to 2008 - WSU Grads. Next, with great anticipation to Spring 2010, I will be photographing Erin on her wedding day. Where does time go? Thankfully saved in photographs! Our daughter Erin is now an Elementary teacher and this beautiful Erin is a Registered Nurse. Both are embarking on new journeys... Life moves forward... and thankfully, life is good!

Congrats to both Erin P's (oh! and name changes to accommodate ...our daughter is now Erin W and the other is the-soon-to-be Erin L) Thanks for including us as witnesses to the evolution.